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First Note:
Signup Date:9/8/2019
Tribe: EARTH
Kin: 217


  Tone: 9 Solar
Realizing * Intention * Pulse
Tribe: 17 Earth
Evolve * Syncronicity * Navigation
Affirmation for: Red Solar Earth I Pulse in order to Evolve
Realizing Syncronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Space
Reading for: Red Solar Earth

Historic Events on Kin 217

Famous Groups on Red Solar Earth (1)
YesEnglish rock band who achieved success with their progressive, art, and symphonic style of rock musi

Music on Red Solar Earth (60)
Seal2/19/1963BirthEnglish singer
Alphonse Mouzon11/21/1948BirthUS jazz drummer
Ty Taborimg9/17/1961BirthUS guitarist and singer (King's X)
Tracey Spacey T Singleton 6/9/1957BirthUS Guitar Player
Arthur Brown6/24/1942Birth English rock and roll musician best known for his f...
Carlos Garnett12/1/1938Birth Panamanian-US jazz saxophonist, composer, arranger,...
John Bundrick11/21/1948Birth US rock keyboardist
Sven Pipien 5/30/1967BirthMusician best known as the bassist of the hard rock ...
Julius Wechter5/10/1935Birth US musician and composer who played the marimba and...
Ben Folds9/12/1966BirthUS musician
Debby Boone9/22/1956BirthUS singer
Ed Ames7/9/1927BirthUS singer and actor
eden ahbez4/15/1908BirthUS songwriter
Gina Glocksen7/4/1984BirthUS singer
Jessica Suttaimg5/15/1982BirthUS dancer, singer and actress (The Pussycat Dolls)
John P. Kee6/4/1962BirthUS Gospel singer
Johnny Preston8/18/1939BirthUS singer
Larry Williams5/10/1935BirthUS singer and songwriter
Lonnie Jordanimg11/21/1948BirthWar
Neil Cicierega8/23/1986BirthUS cartoonist and musician

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Entertainment on Red Solar Earth (68)
Barbara Eden8/23/1934BirthUS actress and singer
Felicity Jones10/17/1983Birth English actress.
Joey Diaz2/19/1963Birth Cuban-US stand up comedian.
Ken Gampu8/28/1929BirthSouth African actor
Adam Green3/31/1975BirthUS film director
Alex Breckenridge5/15/1982BirthUS actress
Angela Goethals5/20/1977BirthUS actress
Bruce Paltrow11/26/1943BirthUS producer and director
Carlos Lacamara11/11/1958BirthCuban-born US Actor
Colin Egglesfield2/9/1973BirthUS actor
Daniel Booko10/17/1983BirthUS actor
Darren E. Burrows9/12/1966BirthUS actor
Diana Hyland1/25/1936BirthUS actress
Ed Ames7/9/1927BirthUS singer and actor
Edward Platt2/14/1916BirthUS actor
Erin Hershey9/2/1976BirthUS actress.
Jessica Suttaimg5/15/1982BirthUS dancer, singer and actress (The Pussycat Dolls)
Jessica Tuck2/19/1963BirthUS actress
Jules Asner2/14/1968BirthUS television personality
Keith Carradine8/8/1949BirthUS actor

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Politics on Red Solar Earth (64)
David Josiah Brewer1/20/1837BirthU.S. Supreme Court Justice
Donald Regan12/21/1918BirthUS White House Chief of Staff
Melvin Belli7/29/1907BirthUS lawyer and actor
Scott McClellan2/14/1968BirthUS politician
William Scranton7/19/1917BirthUS politician
Edmund de Mortimer, 5th Ear...11/6/1391BirthEnglish politician
Michael Heseltine3/21/1933BirthEnglish politician
Paul Craig9/27/1951BirthBritish law professor
Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg7/9/1511Birthqueen of Denmark and Norway
Daniel arap Moi9/2/1924BirthPresident of Kenya
Gordian III1/20/0225BirthRoman Emperor
Shah Jahan1/5/1592BirthMughal Emperor of India
Arthur Griffith3/31/1871BirthPresident of Ireland
Richard Bruton3/1/1953BirthIrish politician and economist
Andreas Vokos Miaoulis5/20/1769BirthGreek admiral and politician
Catherine of Valois10/27/1401Birthqueen of Henry V of England
Ferdinando II de' Medic7/14/1610BirthGrand Duke of Tuscany
HRH Prince Philippe, Duke o...4/15/1960Birthheir to the Belgian throne
Anne Robert Turgot5/10/1727BirthFrench statesman
Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenloh...3/31/1819BirthChancellor of Germany

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Writing on Red Solar Earth (37)
Allan W. Eckert1/30/1931BirthUS historian, naturalist, and author
Annie Dillard4/30/1945BirthUS writer
eden ahbez4/15/1908BirthUS songwriter
Jim Shooter9/27/1951BirthUS comic book writer
Laurell K. Hamilton2/19/1963BirthUS writer
Leon Wieseltier6/14/1952BirthUS writer.
Marilynne Robinson11/26/1943BirthUS writer
Rex Stout12/1/1886BirthUS author
Frank Swift12/26/1913BirthEnglish footballer and journalist
Griff Rhys Jones11/16/1953BirthWelsh comedian, writer and actor
Rais Amrohvi9/12/1914BirthPakistani poet and psychoanalyst
Banana Yoshimoto7/24/1964BirthJapanese author
Miho Hatoriimg4/5/1970BirthJapanese singer and songwriter (Cibo Matto)
Salman Rushdie6/19/1947BirthIndian author
Ruud Janssen7/29/1959BirthDutch writer and artist
Stefan Heym4/10/1913BirthGerman author
Shirley Hazzard1/30/1931BirthAustralian-born author
Ernst Hinterberger10/17/1931BirthAustrian writer
Franz Xaver, Baron Von Zach6/4/1754BirthAustrian editor and astronomer
Cornelia Otis Skinner7/9/1979DeathUS actress and author

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Art on Red Solar Earth (8)
Alfred Thomas Agate2/14/1812BirthUS artist
Jasper Johns5/15/1930BirthUS painter
Lance Henriksen5/5/1940BirthUS actor and painter
Neil Cicierega8/23/1986BirthUS cartoonist and musician
Giuseppe Galli-Bibiena1/5/1696BirthItalian architect/painter
Ruud Janssen7/29/1959BirthDutch writer and artist
Alfons Mucha7/24/1860BirthCzech artist
David Teniers the Younger4/25/1690DeathFlemish artist

Religion on Red Solar Earth (7)
Ellen Church9/22/1904BirthUS stewardess
Regina Jonas8/3/1902BirthGerman first woman rabbi
Raymond Aron10/17/1983DeathFrench philosopher
Nicolai Grundtvig9/2/1872DeathDanish writer and philosopher
Michael Fu Tieshan4/20/2007DeathChinese bishop
John Stafford5/25/1452DeathArchbishop of Canterbury
Pope Gregory IV1/25/0844Death

Science on Red Solar Earth (24)
Jeane Dixon1/5/1904BirthUS astrologer
Michael Smith4/30/1945BirthUS astronaut
Christopher Sydney Cockerell6/4/1910BirthBritish engineer and inventor
James Hector3/16/1834BirthScottish geologist
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky9/17/1857BirthRussian rocket scientist
Nikolai Brashman6/14/1796BirthRussian mathematician
Svante Arrhenius2/19/1859BirthSwedish chemist, Nobel laureate
Rais Amrohvi9/12/1914BirthPakistani poet and psychoanalyst
Richard Bruton3/1/1953BirthIrish politician and economist
Thomas Seebeck10/22/1770BirthBaltic German physicist
John McDouall Stuart9/7/1815BirthAustralian explorer
Franz Xaver, Baron Von Zach6/4/1754BirthAustrian editor and astronomer
Josef Breuer1/15/1842BirthAustrian psychologist
Alfred Henry Sturtevant4/5/1970DeathUS geneticist
Arthur Lee8/3/2006DeathUS psychedelic rock musician
Frederick Soddy9/22/1956DeathEnglish chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
John Landen1/15/1790DeathEnglish mathematician
Yoshio Nishina1/10/1951DeathJapanese physicist
Antoine Deparcieux9/2/1768DeathFrench mathematician
Alfons Maria Jakob10/17/1931DeathGerman neurologist

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War on Red Solar Earth (37)
Jim Shooter9/27/1951BirthUS comic book writer
John Allen Muhammad12/31/1960BirthUS serial killer
Robin Olds7/14/1922BirthUS World War II and Vietnam War ace fighter pilot
Ivan Nabokov3/11/1787BirthRussian general
Andreas Vokos Miaoulis5/20/1769BirthGreek admiral and politician
Anne Robert Turgot5/10/1727BirthFrench statesman
Marcel Bigeard2/14/1916BirthFrench general
Kurt Waldheim12/21/1918BirthAustrian United Nations Secretary-General and Federa...
Simon Wiesenthal12/31/1908BirthAustrian Holocaust survivor
Gen.Sonthi Boonyaratglin10/2/1946BirthPresident of Council for National Security and Comma...
Carl Spaatz7/14/1974DeathUS Air Force general
Edward O'Hare11/26/1943DeathUS ace pilot
John Riley10/22/1978DeathEnglish poet (murdered)
John Trevor5/20/1717DeathBritish statesman
António de Spínola8/13/1996DeathPortuguese general and politician, 15th President of...
James Butler, 2nd Duke of O...11/16/1745DeathIrish statesman and soldier
Charles Pichegru4/15/1804DeathFrench general (strangled in prison)
Sir George-Étienne Cartier5/20/1873DeathFrench-Canadian statesman
* 4/20/2007 - Johnson Space Center Shooting: A man with a handgun barricades himself in NASA's Johnson Space Center ...
* 4/25/1846 - Thornton Affair: Open conflict begins over the disputed border of Texas triggering the Mexican-US War.

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Sports on Red Solar Earth (54)
Bill Bowerman2/19/1911BirthUS track and field coach and co-founder of Nike, Inc.
Chaswe Nsofwa10/22/1978BirthZambian footballer
Adrian Peterson3/21/1985BirthUS Football player
Barry Bonds7/24/1964BirthUS baseball player
Briana Scurry9/7/1971BirthUS soccer player
Chad Muska5/20/1977BirthUS Skateboarder for Element Skateboards
Dave LaPoint7/29/1959BirthUS baseball player
Dion Glover10/22/1978BirthUS basketball player
Jason Johnson10/27/1973BirthUS baseball pitcher (Cincinnati Reds)
Jim Cornette9/17/1961BirthUS professional wrestling manager
Pat Summitt6/14/1952BirthUS basketball coach
Robin Olds7/14/1922BirthUS World War II and Vietnam War ace fighter pilot
Ryan Callahan3/21/1985BirthUS hockey player
Shannon Bobbitt12/6/1985BirthUS basketball player
Sonny Jurgensen8/23/1934BirthUS football player
Divina Galica8/13/1944BirthBritish athlete and racing driver
Frank Swift12/26/1913BirthEnglish footballer and journalist
Gary Peters8/3/1954BirthEnglish footballer
Owais Shah10/22/1978BirthEnglish cricketer
Steve Bruce12/31/1960BirthEnglish football player & manager

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Education on Red Solar Earth (5)
Paul DiMaggio1/10/1951BirthUS educator
Reginald Heber Roe8/3/1850Birth2nd Headmaster of Brisbane Grammar School
Peter Andreas Heiberg4/30/1841DeathDanish author and philologist
Ouyang Xiu9/22/1072DeathChinese historian and scholar-official
* 11/11/1750 - The F.H.C. Society, also known as the Flat Hat Club was formed at Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg, Virgi...

Nature on Red Solar Earth (0)

Business on Red Solar Earth (13)
Bill Bowerman2/19/1911BirthUS track and field coach and co-founder of Nike, Inc.
Allan Haines Loughead1/20/1889BirthUS aviation executive
David Josiah Brewer1/20/1837BirthU.S. Supreme Court Justice
George Zimmer11/21/1948BirthUS entrepreneur
Melvin Belli7/29/1907BirthUS lawyer and actor
Paul DiMaggio1/10/1951BirthUS educator
Christopher Sydney Cockerell6/4/1910BirthBritish engineer and inventor
Robert Horton8/18/1939BirthBritish businessman
Giuseppe Galli-Bibiena1/5/1696BirthItalian architect/painter
Gene Autry10/2/1998DeathUS singer, actor, and entrepreneur
William Tierney Clark9/22/1852DeathEnglish civil engineer
FrantiÅek Maxmilián Kaňka7/14/1766DeathCzech architect
* 2/19/1963 - The publication of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique launches the reawakening of the Feminist Move...

Accidents on Red Solar Earth (2)
* 6/24/1994 - A United States Air Force B-52 aircraft crashes at Fairchild Air Force Base killing all four members ...
* 3/1/1953 - Joseph Stalin suffers a stroke and collapses. He dies four days later.

Other on Red Solar Earth (37)
Charles Horace Mayo7/19/1865BirthUS surgeon and founder of the Mayo Clinic
Chester Ludgin5/20/1925BirthUS baritone
Warren Allen Smith10/27/1921BirthUS encyclopedist
Agata Wróbel8/28/1981BirthPolish weightlifter
Chen Kenichi1/5/1956BirthJapanese-born chef
Masaki Kobayashi2/14/1916BirthJapanese director
Blessed Mary McKillop1/15/1842BirthAustralian candidate for sainthood
Tim Macartney-Snape1/5/1956BirthAustralian mountaineer
Charles Martel8/23/0686Birthgrandfather of Charlemagne
Christopher Gudgeon7/24/1964BirthProfessor of history
Elfriede Rinkel7/14/1922BirthNazi concentration camp guard
Joachim von Ribbentrop4/30/1893BirthNazi foreign minister
Poliziano7/14/1454BirthFlorentine humanist
Burr Tillstrom12/6/1985DeathUS puppeteer
Max Yasgur2/9/1973DeathUS farmer (Woodstock Festival)
Samuel Courtauld3/21/1881DeathAmerican-born textile magnate
Donald Watson11/16/2005DeathEnglish founder of the Vegan Society
Ivan Krylov11/21/1844DeathRussian fabulist
Peter Malkin Israeli secret...3/1/2005Death
Ulrich Inderbinen6/14/2004DeathSwiss mountain guide

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Passengers born on Kin 217 (22)
lorleiGimli, MB Canada
donna Saint Clair Shores, MI United States
TeslaBelgrade, 00 Serbia
Emma LoveColumbia, MD United States
Marko AureliusOhrid, 74 Macedonia
bambazonke88Buenos Aires, 07 Argentina
lilysannLakewood, OH United States
Jerry StrongheartAsheville, NC United States
kevinLouisville, KY United States
sethenesLouisville, Kentucky United States
Diogo Penha Ferreira Morais...Lisbon, Lisbon District Portugal
anita carlyonSydney, New South Wales Australia
RBSan Juan, San Juan Puerto Rico
AydaSingapore (Geylang), Central Singapore Singapore
BevthejokerAtlanta, Georgia United States
Supernal LightAtlanta, Georgia United States
Lydia Riza KeelyColumbus, Indiana United States
DunjaShtip, u0160tip Macedonia
Lilith ImmaculateFarmington, Missouri United States
Vanessa SimoninSpruce Grove, Alberta Canada
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Conceived originally in 2000 by visionary Seraphim Arkis, Kin 154, WHITE SPECTRAL WIZARD of Asheville, NC. In February 2009, Arkis conveyed the vision of to PHP programmer, Anthony Fogleman, who took an interest, and decided to help birth a revolutionary new type of website. The first public version of SSP was launched on April 9th, 2009, after exiting a galactic portal.

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The Dreamspell Calendar -
In 1987, using ancient Mayan glyphs, Dr. Jose Arguelles created the Dreamspell calendar based on 13 Moons of 28 days. The calendar harmonizes with natural cycles of the sun, moon, earth and planets. It incorporates the 260 day count known as the Tzolk'in. The calendar has been used widely since the Harmonic Convergence August 16 - August 17, 1987.
The Mayan prophecies are closely linked to calendars and astronomy, and are complex, exacting and impressively accurate. The Harmonic Convergence was part of the fulfillment of the ancient Mayan prophecy of the 13 Heavens of decreasing choice and the 9 Hells of increasing doom. This event marked the opening of a gate leading to the final 25 years of the Mayan Great Cycle of 13 Baktuns (BC 3113 - AD 2012). Humanity is now at the end of the ninth hell cycle, as the prophecy indicates, after which, the "Lord of the Dawn" would return. This period is described as a time not only of new thinking, but of quantum shift and a new paradigm for humanity.
In 1773, Don Ramon de Ordoñez y Aguilar discovered the ruins of an ancient city, Palenque, in the remote jungles of Central America. Excavations revealed pyramids, temples and palaces. Since then, explorers, scholars and writers have worked to learn more about the mysterious inhabitants who abandoned their city in 830 AD.

Like other cultures of Mesoamerica, the Maya used a 260-day calendar, referred to as the Tzolk'in. The length of this calendar coincides with the average duration of human gestation. Its purpose is to provide guidance in life through a consideration of the combined aspects of the 20 named days and 13 numbers, and to indicate the days on which sacrifice at certain 'number shrines' might lead to desired results. The days were commonly deified and invoked as 'Lordships'. The general Yucatec word for 'priest' (ah k'in) referred to the counting of the days. Within the social group of the priests at court, it was customary to pass the 'burden' of the time-units on from one divine 'number bearer' to the next.

What is often called Maya 'astronomy' could also be called astrology, since it was a priestly science resting on the assumption of a correspondence between earthly events and the movements of heavenly bodies and constellations.

In Classic Maya texts, certain glyphs are read as references to the soul and 'co-essences', such as animals or other natural phenomena (comets, lightning, etc.) linked and protected the individual.

The Maya believed their modern age, marked by the 26,000-year (360 days/yr) cycle of our solar system around the Pleiades star cluster, had begun on 12 August, 3114, BC and was to end on 21st of December, 2012 followed by regeneration of earth and a time of galactic harmony.

At SpaceStationPlaza we expect good things in 2013.

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