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First Note:rainbow bridge
Signup Date:11/26/2015
City:Toronto (Old Toronto)
Kin: 231


  Tone: 10 Planetary
Producing * Manifestation * Perfect
Tribe: 11 Monkey
Play * Illusion * Magic
Affirmation for: Blue Planetary Monkey I Perfect in order to Play
Producing Illusion
I seal the process of magic
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Self-Generation
Reading for: Blue Planetary Monkey

Historic Events on Kin 231

Famous Groups on Blue Planetary Monkey (1)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Music on Blue Planetary Monkey (50)
Steve Cropper10/21/1941BirthUS musician
Shuggie Otis11/30/1953BirthUS R&B, soul, rock, blues, and funk singer-songwrite...
Eric Johnson8/17/1954BirthUS guitarist
David Sancious img11/30/1953BirthUS musician. He was an early member of Bruce Springs...
June Pointerimg11/30/1953BirthUS singer (Pointer Sisters)
Afroman7/28/1974BirthJoseph Edgar Foreman, better known by his stage name...
Sam Smith5/19/1992BirthBritish soul singer-songwriter
Terry Callier5/14/1945BirthUS jazz, soul and folk guitarist and singer-songwr...
Betty Buckley7/3/1947BirthUS stage, film and television actress and singer
Kenny (Klook) Clarkeimg1/9/1914BirthUS jazz drummer and composer
Ol' Dirty Bastard11/15/1968BirthUS rapper
Clueso4/9/1980BirthGerman singer, rapper, songwriter and producer
Ray McKinley6/18/1910Birthjazz drummer and bandleader

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Entertainment on Blue Planetary Monkey (67)
Lily Tomlin9/1/1939BirthUS actress and comedian
Sharon Stone3/10/1958BirthUS actress
Lauren Bacall9/16/1924BirthUS actress
Suzanne Somers10/16/1946BirthUS actress
Tony Curtis6/3/1925BirthUS actor
Betty Buckley7/3/1947BirthUS stage, film and television actress and singer
Gypsy Rose Lee1/9/1914BirthUS burlesque entertainer
Clueso4/9/1980BirthGerman singer, rapper, songwriter and producer
Alfonso Ribeiro9/21/1971BirthUS actor
Betty Buckley7/3/1947BirthUS actress
Caveh Zahedi4/29/1960BirthUS filmmaker
Dan Rather10/31/1931BirthUS television journalist
Dave Barry7/3/1947BirthUS humorist and author

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Politics on Blue Planetary Monkey (50)
Jean Carnahan12/20/1933BirthU.S. Senator
Phil Gramm7/8/1942BirthUS politician
William Lewis Douglas8/22/1845Birth42nd Governor of Massachusetts
George Macartney, 1st Earl ...5/14/1737BirthBritish statesman
Phil King4/29/1960BirthEnglish bassist
William Pitt, 1st Earl of C...11/15/1708BirthPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
Muhammad Ali Jinnah12/25/1876Birthfounder of Pakistan
Charles the Bald6/13/0823BirthHoly Roman Emperor and King of the West Franks
Sarojini Naidu2/13/1879BirthIndian freedom fighter
Yochanan Vollach5/14/1945BirthIsraeli footballer and president of Maccabi Haifa
James FitzGerald, 1st Duke ...5/29/1722BirthIrish politician
Richard Bruton3/15/1953BirthIrish politician
John W. Geary12/30/1819Birth1st Mayor of San Francisco

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Writing on Blue Planetary Monkey (33)
Dan Rather10/31/1931BirthUS television journalist
Dave Barry7/3/1947BirthUS humorist and author
Irving Babbitt8/2/1865BirthUS literary critic
Jack Williamson4/29/1908BirthUS writer
Jennifer Charles11/15/1968BirthUS singer/songwriter
Kathleen Webb10/6/1956BirthUS comic book writer and artist
Vasily Kirillovich Trediako...3/5/1703BirthRussian poet
Fausto Brizzi11/15/1968BirthItalian screenwriter and film director
Þórarinn Eldjárn8/22/1949BirthIcelandic writer
Gérard Brach7/23/1927BirthFrench film director and screenwriter
Jean-Jacques Goldman10/11/1951BirthFrench singer/songwriter
Louis Amédée Achard4/19/1814BirthFrench novelist
Berthold Auerbach2/28/1812BirthGerman poet and author

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Art on Blue Planetary Monkey (10)
Jack Case2/23/1973BirthUS artist
Kathleen Webb10/6/1956BirthUS comic book writer and artist
Lady Lucy Duff Gordon6/13/1863BirthEnglish fashion designer
Junichi Kakizaki1/4/1971BirthJapanese artist, sculptor
Anderson Silva4/14/1975BirthBrazilian mixed martial artist
John Radecki8/2/1865BirthAustralian stained glass artist
Billy Murray8/17/1954DeathUS recording artist
Shoji Nishio3/15/2005DeathJapanese martial artist
Francis Picabia11/30/1953DeathFrench painter and poet
John Hugenholtz3/25/1995DeathDutch race track designer

Religion on Blue Planetary Monkey (13)
Thomas Joseph Winning6/3/1925BirthArchbishop of Glasgow, Scotland ,
Alexandre-Antonin Taché7/23/1823BirthCanadian Catholic priest and archbishop
Joel Osteen3/5/1963Birthsenior pastor of Lakewood Church and best selling au...
Mario Bunge9/21/1919BirthArgentine philosopher and physicist
Nicholas Sand4/24/2017Deathcult figure known in the psychedelic community for h...
Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti3/15/1849DeathItalian cardinal and linguist
George Berkeley1/14/1753DeathIrish theologian
Heber J. Grant5/14/1945Deathseventh president of the The Church of Jesus Christ ...
Pope Adrian IV 9/1/1159Death
Pope Zephyrinus12/20/0217Death
* 11/30/2005 - John Sentamu becomes the first black archbishop in the Church of England with his enthronement as the ...
* 5/9/2002 - The 38-day stand-off in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem comes to an end when the Palestinians ...
* 5/29/1982 - Pope John Paul II becomes the first pontiff ever to visit Canterbury Cathedral.

Science on Blue Planetary Monkey (31)
Tim Scully8/27/1944Birth known in the psychedelic underground for his work i...
Alan Leo8/7/1860BirthBritish astrologer
E.G. Marshall6/18/1910BirthUS actor
Tom Lehrer4/9/1928BirthUS musician and mathematician
Harold Alexander12/10/1891BirthBritish Army Field Marshal, first Earl of Tunis
Timothy Gowers11/20/1963BirthBritish mathematician
Ferdinand von Zeppelin7/8/1838BirthGerman inventor
Jacques Piccard7/28/1922BirthBelgian-born undersea explorer
Carl Ferdinand Cori12/5/1896BirthAustrian-born biochemist, Nobel laureate
Cosme Argerich9/26/1758BirthArgentine physician, founder of the Medicine School ...
James Hopwood Jeans9/11/1877BirthScientist
Mario Bunge9/21/1919BirthArgentine philosopher and physicist
Otto Loewi6/3/1873BirthNobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate

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War on Blue Planetary Monkey (30)
George Macartney, 1st Earl ...5/14/1737BirthBritish statesman
Harold Alexander12/10/1891BirthBritish Army Field Marshal, first Earl of Tunis
Dylan Klebold9/11/1981BirthColumbine High School Massacre co-perpetrator
Joseph Hooker10/31/1879DeathUS General
Mikołaj Potocki11/20/1651DeathPolish soldier
Goce Delchev5/4/1903Deatha revolutionary from the Balkans , leader of the In...
Tokugawa Mitsukuni1/14/1701DeathJapanese warlord
Tipu Sultan5/4/1799DeathIndian military leader
Don José de San Martín8/17/1850DeathArgentine general
* 10/11/1899 - Second Boer War begins: In South Africa a war between the United Kingdom and the Boers of the Transva...
* 1/29/1998 - In Birmingham, Alabama a bomb explodes at an abortion clinic, killing one and severely wounding anoth...
* 3/20/2000 - Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin a former Black Panther once known as H. Rap Brown, is captured after murderin...
* 6/13/1967 - U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson nominates Solicitor-General Thurgood Marshall to become the first bla...

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Sports on Blue Planetary Monkey (60)
Jack LaLanne9/26/1914BirthUS fitness, exercise and nutritional expert
Keegan Meth2/8/1988BirthZimbabwean cricketer
Richard Sims7/23/1979BirthZimbabwean cricketer
Corrie van Zyl10/1/1961Birthformer South African cricketer
Amy Dumas4/14/1975BirthUS professional wrestler
Az-Zahir Hakim6/3/1977BirthUS football player
Billy Shaw12/15/1938BirthUS football player
Cedric Ceballos8/2/1969BirthUS basketball player
Craig Heyward9/26/1966BirthUS football player
Diana Nyad8/22/1949BirthUS swimmer
Don Budge6/13/1915BirthUS tennis player
Dory Funk, Jr.2/3/1941BirthUS professional wrestler
Eddie Dyer10/11/1899BirthUS baseball player

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Education on Blue Planetary Monkey (6)
Richard Morris Hunt10/31/1827BirthUS educator
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet12/10/1787BirthUS educator
Fazlur Rahman9/21/1919BirthPakistani scholar
Cosme Argerich9/26/1758BirthArgentine physician, founder of the Medicine School ...
Dylan Klebold9/11/1981BirthColumbine High School Massacre co-perpetrator
* 1/9/1914 - Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., the first historically black intercollegiate greek-letter fraternity t...

Nature on Blue Planetary Monkey (2)
* 8/22/1949 - Queen Charlotte earthquake: Canada's largest earthquake since the 1700 Cascadia earthquake
* 10/26/0740 - An earthquake strikes Constantinople causing much damage and many deaths.

Business on Blue Planetary Monkey (12)
Neil Bogart2/3/1941BirthUS record executive
Richard Morris Hunt10/31/1827BirthUS educator
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet12/10/1787BirthUS educator
Branch Rickey12/20/1881Birthbaseball executive
Isaac Singer7/23/1875DeathUS inventor and entrepreneur
Jon Postel10/16/1998DeathUS Internet pioneer
Lars-Eric Lindblad7/8/1994DeathSwedish-US entrepreneur and explorer
Goce Delchev5/4/1903Deatha revolutionary from the Balkans , leader of the In...
Gianni Agnelli1/24/2003DeathItalian auto executive
Esteban Terradas i Illa5/9/1950DeathCatalan mathematician, scientist, and engineer
* 7/18/1984 - McDonald's massacre in San Ysidro, California: in a fast-food restaurant, James Oliver Huberty opens f...
* 9/6/1986 - In Istanbul two terrorists from Abu Nidal's organization kill 22 and wound six inside the Neve Shalom...

Accidents on Blue Planetary Monkey (3)
* 1/29/1998 - In Birmingham, Alabama a bomb explodes at an abortion clinic, killing one and severely wounding anoth...
* 9/11/1981 - A small plane crashes into the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino, California damaging it beyond repair.
* 5/9/2002 - In Kaspiysk Russia, a remote-controlled bomb explodes during a holiday parade killing 43 and injurin...

Other on Blue Planetary Monkey (34)
Achille Compagnoni9/26/1914BirthItalian mountaineer, one of the first to reach the s...
Bill France, Jr.4/4/1933BirthNASCAR pioneer
Maurice Bardèche10/1/1909BirthFrench fascist,
Joost Bürgi2/28/1552BirthSwiss clockmaker
Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus12/25/1876BirthNobel laureate
Johann Wilhelm, Elector Pal...4/19/1658Birth
Arthur Ford1/4/1971DeathUS clairaudient
Harry Blackstone Jr.5/14/1997DeathUS magician
Harry Hopkins1/29/1946Death8th United States Secretary of Commerce
James Coleman3/25/1995DeathUS sociologist
Theodora6/28/0548DeathByzantine empress
Kim Il-sung7/8/1994DeathNorth Korean leader
Diego Mazquiarán5/19/1940DeathSpanish matador

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Blue Planetary Monkey is in the Wind wavespell


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Passengers born on Kin 231 (20)
RachelColumbia, PA United States
JenPortland, OR United States
Taisen M SpringWimberley, TX United States
MyaFort Lauderdale, FL United States
Errin MuhammadBakersfield, CA United States
rakshit kalraFloral Park, NY United States
HappyLawrenceville, GA United States
RisaSanford, MI United States
dogthatquacksmooLexington, KY United States
Errin MuhammadPeachtree City, Georgia United States
infin8lightToronto (Old Toronto), Ontario Canada
marvelous clarkSt. Louis, Missouri United States
mechiMonrovia (E), California United States
mechiMonrovia (E), California United States
RafaelWarsaw, Masovian Voivodeship Poland
bakabobi Koprivlen, Blagoevgrad Bulgaria
jiaxuanAtlanta, Georgia United States
GRACE cLake Elsinore, California United States
Ieasie M BriceHouston, Texas United States
JuLightParis, u00cele-de-France France
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Yang Earth Horse
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Yang Earth Horse

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But Horse opposes Rat!
Chinese Circle Of Affinity

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SSP is your galactic portal to alignment with natural cycles and rythms calculated using the Dreamspell calendar. Conversion to "kin" happens automatically on SpaceStationPlaza, illuminating the relationships you have to Famous People and other kin (passengers) on the Tzolk'in (the 260-day Calendar).

Conceived originally in 2000 by visionary Seraphim Arkis, Kin 154, WHITE SPECTRAL WIZARD of Asheville, NC. In February 2009, Arkis conveyed the vision of to PHP programmer, Anthony Fogleman, who took an interest, and decided to help birth a revolutionary new type of website. The first public version of SSP was launched on April 9th, 2009, after exiting a galactic portal.

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The Dreamspell Calendar -
In 1987, using ancient Mayan glyphs, Dr. Jose Arguelles created the Dreamspell calendar based on 13 Moons of 28 days. The calendar harmonizes with natural cycles of the sun, moon, earth and planets. It incorporates the 260 day count known as the Tzolk'in. The calendar has been used widely since the Harmonic Convergence August 16 - August 17, 1987.
The Mayan prophecies are closely linked to calendars and astronomy, and are complex, exacting and impressively accurate. The Harmonic Convergence was part of the fulfillment of the ancient Mayan prophecy of the 13 Heavens of decreasing choice and the 9 Hells of increasing doom. This event marked the opening of a gate leading to the final 25 years of the Mayan Great Cycle of 13 Baktuns (BC 3113 - AD 2012). Humanity is now at the end of the ninth hell cycle, as the prophecy indicates, after which, the "Lord of the Dawn" would return. This period is described as a time not only of new thinking, but of quantum shift and a new paradigm for humanity.
In 1773, Don Ramon de Ordoñez y Aguilar discovered the ruins of an ancient city, Palenque, in the remote jungles of Central America. Excavations revealed pyramids, temples and palaces. Since then, explorers, scholars and writers have worked to learn more about the mysterious inhabitants who abandoned their city in 830 AD.

Like other cultures of Mesoamerica, the Maya used a 260-day calendar, referred to as the Tzolk'in. The length of this calendar coincides with the average duration of human gestation. Its purpose is to provide guidance in life through a consideration of the combined aspects of the 20 named days and 13 numbers, and to indicate the days on which sacrifice at certain 'number shrines' might lead to desired results. The days were commonly deified and invoked as 'Lordships'. The general Yucatec word for 'priest' (ah k'in) referred to the counting of the days. Within the social group of the priests at court, it was customary to pass the 'burden' of the time-units on from one divine 'number bearer' to the next.

What is often called Maya 'astronomy' could also be called astrology, since it was a priestly science resting on the assumption of a correspondence between earthly events and the movements of heavenly bodies and constellations.

In Classic Maya texts, certain glyphs are read as references to the soul and 'co-essences', such as animals or other natural phenomena (comets, lightning, etc.) linked and protected the individual.

The Maya believed their modern age, marked by the 26,000-year (360 days/yr) cycle of our solar system around the Pleiades star cluster, had begun on 12 August, 3114, BC and was to end on 21st of December, 2012 followed by regeneration of earth and a time of galactic harmony.

At SpaceStationPlaza we expect good things in 2013.

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