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First Note:In Lakesh
Signup Date:10/24/2011
Tribe: HAND Galactic Portal Day
Kin: 147


  Tone: 4 Self-existing
Measuring * Form * Define
Tribe: 7 Hand
Know * Healing * Accomplishment
Affirmation for: Blue Self-existing Hand I Define in order to Know
Measuring Healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the Self-existing tone of Form
I am guided by the power of Abundance
Reading for: Blue Self-existing Hand

Historic Events on Kin 147

Famous Groups on Blue Self-existing Hand (1)

Music on Blue Self-existing Hand (52)
Bunny Livingston Wailerimg4/10/1947BirthBob Marley and the Wailers
Dennis Coffey11/11/1940BirthUS guitarist.
Andy Summersimg12/31/1942BirthBritish guitarist (The Police)
Michelle Phillipsimg6/4/1944BirthUS singer (The Mamas & the Papas) and actress
Kesha3/1/1987BirthUS singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress.
Tim Minchin10/7/1975BirthAustralian comedian and musician
Juan Blanco6/29/1919BirthCuban composer
Andre Nickatina3/11/1977BirthUS rapper
Arthur Berger5/15/1912BirthUS composer
Benmont Tenchimg9/7/1953BirthTom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Cris Kirkwoodimg10/22/1960BirthUS musician (Meat Puppets)
Damian Kulashimg10/7/1975BirthUS musician (OK Go)
Dan Peekimg11/1/1950BirthUS guitarist (America)

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Entertainment on Blue Self-existing Hand (62)
Tim Minchin10/7/1975BirthAustralian comedian and musician
Abel Ferrara7/19/1951BirthUS filmmake
Ben Browder12/11/1962BirthUS actor
Bronson Pinchot5/20/1959BirthUS actor
Charles Coburn6/19/1877BirthUS actor
George "Spanky" McF...10/2/1928BirthUS actor
George Takei4/20/1937BirthUS actor
Greg Morris9/27/1933BirthUS actor
Jenette Goldstein2/4/1960BirthUS actress
Jennifer Coolidge8/28/1963BirthUS actress
Jim J. Bullock2/9/1955BirthUS actor
John Gould10/22/1908BirthUS humorist, essayist, and columnist
Judd Aptow12/6/1967BirthUS film director, and screenwriter

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Politics on Blue Self-existing Hand (71)
Karl Marx5/5/1818BirthGerman political philosopher
Fidel Castro8/13/1926BirthCuban revolutionary and politician
Barbara Boxer11/11/1940BirthUS politician
Debra Bowen10/27/1955BirthUS politician
Jennifer Dunn7/29/1941BirthUS politician
Jonathan Trumbull10/12/1710BirthUS politician and statesman
Montgomery Blair5/10/1813BirthUS politician
Nelson W. Aldrich11/6/1841BirthU.S. Senator from Rhode Island
Alan Duncan3/31/1957BirthBritish politician
Denis Law2/24/1940BirthScottish footballer
Ramsay MacDonald10/12/1866BirthPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
Hans Jæger9/2/1854BirthNorwegian writer and political activist
Abul Kalam Azad11/11/1888BirthIndian independence movement leader

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Writing on Blue Self-existing Hand (30)
Charles Webb6/9/1939BirthUS author
Jayson Stark7/19/1951BirthUS sportswriter
John Scalzi5/10/1969BirthUS writer
Judd Aptow12/6/1967BirthUS film director, and screenwriter
Sid Fleischman3/16/1920BirthUS author
Stephen Chbosky 1/25/1970BirthUS writer
Thomas Bailey Aldrich11/11/1836BirthUS poet and novelist
Julian Bell2/4/1908BirthBritish poet
Louisa Leaman6/24/1976BirthEnglish author
Siobhan Dowd2/4/1960BirthBritish/Irish author
Norbert Wójtowicz12/1/1972BirthPolish historian and theologian
Zdzisław Żygulski, Jr.8/18/1921BirthPolish art historian
Hans Jæger9/2/1854BirthNorwegian writer and political activist

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Art on Blue Self-existing Hand (6)
Winslow Homer2/24/1836BirthUS artist
Julian Scott2/14/1846BirthUS artist and Civil War Medal of Honor recipient.
William Oldys7/14/1696BirthEnglish antiquarian and bibliographer
Ferdinand Brokoff9/12/1688BirthCzech sculptor
Leigh Bowery12/31/1994DeathAustralian-born English fashion performance artist
Autar Singh Paintal12/21/2004DeathIndian medical scientist

Religion on Blue Self-existing Hand (14)
Karl Marx5/5/1818BirthGerman political philosopher
Francis X. DiLorenzo4/15/1942BirthUS Catholic prelate
Thomas Hobbes4/5/1588BirthEnglish philosopher
Norbert Wójtowicz12/1/1972BirthPolish historian and theologian
Hugo Grotius4/10/1583BirthDutch philosopher and writer
Wolfhart Pannenberg10/2/1928BirthGerman theologian
Étienne Bonnot de Condillac8/3/1780DeathFrench philosopher
Immanuel Hermann Fichte8/8/1879DeathGerman philosopher
* 11/11/1992 - The Church of England votes to allow women to become priests.
* 11/6/1789 - Pope Pius VI appoints Father John Carroll as the first Catholic bishop in the United States.
* 3/26/1026 - Pope John XIX crowns Conrad II as Holy Roman Emperor.
* 11/1/1950 - Pope Pius XII witnesses "The Miracle of the Sun" while at the Vatican.
* 2/14/1014 - Pope Benedict VIII recognizes Henry of Bavaria as King of Germany.

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Science on Blue Self-existing Hand (25)
Charles Martin Hall12/6/1863BirthUS chemist
Fritz Zwicky2/14/1898BirthSwiss-US physicist and astronomer
George Owen Squier3/21/1863BirthUS inventor and Major General in U.S. Signal Corp
Robert B. Laughlin11/1/1950BirthUS physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
Bill Tilman2/14/1898BirthEnglish mountaineer and explorer
Charles Babbage12/26/1791BirthEnglish mathematician and inventor
James Hutton6/14/1726BirthScottish geologist
Rodney Cotterill9/27/1933BirthDanish-English physicist
Sir Roger Penrose8/8/1931BirthBritish physicist
William John Wills1/5/1834BirthEnglish explorer of Australia, member of the Burke a...
Piet Hein12/16/1905BirthDanish mathematician and inventor
José Gregorio Hernández V...6/29/1919Death
Frederick Winslow Taylor3/21/1915DeathUS inventor

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War on Blue Self-existing Hand (40)
Fidel Castro8/13/1926BirthCuban revolutionary and politician
George Owen Squier3/21/1863BirthUS inventor and Major General in U.S. Signal Corp
James T. Conway12/26/1947Birth34th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
Jonathan Trumbull10/12/1710BirthUS politician and statesman
Julian Scott2/14/1846BirthUS artist and Civil War Medal of Honor recipient.
David Warner7/29/1941BirthEnglish actor
Emiliano Zapata8/8/1879BirthMexican revolutionary
Dorothea Binz3/16/1920BirthNazi war criminal
Irma Grese10/7/1923BirthSupervisor at Nazi concentration camps
Edwin Vose Sumner3/21/1863DeathUS Civil War general
John Addison Thomas3/26/1858DeathUS soldier
Gustaf Horn5/10/1657DeathSwedish soldier and politician
Doru Davidovici4/20/1989DeathRomanian writer and fighter pilot

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Sports on Blue Self-existing Hand (58)
Benjani Mwaruwari8/13/1978BirthZimbabwean footballer
Andre' Woodson4/25/1984BirthUS football player
Barbara Boxer11/11/1940BirthUS politician
Becky Hammon3/11/1977BirthUS basketball player
Brock Olivo6/24/1976BirthUS football player
Carlton Fisk12/26/1947BirthUS baseball player
Charlie Ward10/12/1970BirthUS pro basketball player
Chris DiMarco8/23/1968BirthUS golfer
David Eckstein1/20/1975BirthUS baseball player
Dick Vitale6/9/1939BirthUS sportscaster
Ernie Harwell1/25/1918BirthUS baseball sportscaster
Forrest Griffin11/26/1977BirthUS MMA-fighter
Gene Mingo9/22/1938BirthUS football player

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Education on Blue Self-existing Hand (4)
Nathaniel Woodard3/21/1811BirthEnglish educationalist
William Oldys7/14/1696BirthEnglish antiquarian and bibliographer
William Wotton8/13/1666BirthEnglish scholar
Jean Astruc5/5/1766DeathFrench physician and scholar

Nature on Blue Self-existing Hand (0)

Business on Blue Self-existing Hand (7)
Kenneth Lay4/15/1942BirthUS businessman
David Horsley3/11/1873BirthEnglish-born film executive
Edsel Ford11/6/1893Birthpresident of Ford Motor Company
Nicholas Van Dyke2/19/1789DeathUS lawyer and President of Delaware
Charles Collett4/5/1952DeathGWR chief mechanical engineer
Jim Brewer11/16/1987DeathMajor League Baseball relief pitcher
* 4/15/1994 - Representatives of 124 countries and the European Communities sign the Marrakesh Agreements revising t...

Accidents on Blue Self-existing Hand (4)
* 7/24/1998 - Russell Eugene Weston Jr. bursts into the United States Capitol and opens fire killing two police offi...
* 10/12/1918 - A massive forest fire kills 453 people in Minnesota.
* 2/14/2002 - Tullaghmurray Lass sinks off the coast of Kilkeel County Down, Northern Ireland killing three member...
* 6/4/1996 - The first flight of Ariane 5 explodes after roughly 20 seconds. It was a Cluster mission.

Other on Blue Self-existing Hand (21)
Bob Smith8/8/1879BirthUS founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
Jean-Paul Riopelle10/7/1923BirthQuébécois member of Les Automatistes
Bill Bright7/19/2003DeathUS evangelist
Isaac Ambrose1/20/1663DeathEnglish Puritan divine
John Hargrave11/21/1982DeathBritish Social Credit advocate
Pierre Graber7/19/2003DeathSwiss Federal Councilor
Paul Kruger7/14/1904DeathBoer resistance leader
* 4/30/1927 - The Federal Industrial Institute for Women opens in Alderson, West Virginia, as the first women's fe...
* 8/28/1859 - A geomagnetic storm causes the Aurora Borealis to shine so brightly that it is seen clearly over parts...
* 9/27/1777 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the capital of the United States for one day.
* 10/17/1965 - The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair closes after a two year run. More than 51 million people had atten...
* 11/11/1940 - Armistice Day Blizzard: An unexpected blizzard kills 144 in U.S. Midwest.
* 11/11/1940 - The German cruiser Atlantis captures top secret British mail, and sends it to Japan.

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Blue Self-existing Hand is in the Seed wavespell


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Passengers born on Kin 147 (24)
Sara TAsheville, NC United States
DaringAsheville, NC United States
Lawrence Morgan
dodoNijmegen, 03 Netherlands
Manu TorayThousand Oaks, CA United States
gazinghawkHot Springs National Park, AR United States
Witchmom8Flint, MI United States
DanellSuperior, WI United States
ZhangaelaCoquitlam, BC Canada
beHappy elfBucharest, 10 Romania
eikOslo, 12 Norway
StormzWest Palm Beach, FL United States
Ashé TenderfireArden, North Carolina United States
Pedro Tekolote ReyesSolvang, California United States
Brian HHickory, North Carolina United States
Kai OrinPodgorica, Podgorica Montenegro
iotaAsheville, North Carolina United States
MasterSanta Maria, California United States
ganjaandcatsAtlanta, Georgia United States
captain diamondChicago, Illinois United States
NFluXAsheville, North Carolina United States
maniocNew York, New York United States
Resonant Bridgetown (Wildey), Saint Michael Barbados
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Conceived originally in 2000 by visionary Seraphim Arkis, Kin 154, WHITE SPECTRAL WIZARD of Asheville, NC. In February 2009, Arkis conveyed the vision of to PHP programmer, Anthony Fogleman, who took an interest, and decided to help birth a revolutionary new type of website. The first public version of SSP was launched on April 9th, 2009, after exiting a galactic portal.

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The Dreamspell Calendar -
In 1987, using ancient Mayan glyphs, Dr. Jose Arguelles created the Dreamspell calendar based on 13 Moons of 28 days. The calendar harmonizes with natural cycles of the sun, moon, earth and planets. It incorporates the 260 day count known as the Tzolk'in. The calendar has been used widely since the Harmonic Convergence August 16 - August 17, 1987.
The Mayan prophecies are closely linked to calendars and astronomy, and are complex, exacting and impressively accurate. The Harmonic Convergence was part of the fulfillment of the ancient Mayan prophecy of the 13 Heavens of decreasing choice and the 9 Hells of increasing doom. This event marked the opening of a gate leading to the final 25 years of the Mayan Great Cycle of 13 Baktuns (BC 3113 - AD 2012). Humanity is now at the end of the ninth hell cycle, as the prophecy indicates, after which, the "Lord of the Dawn" would return. This period is described as a time not only of new thinking, but of quantum shift and a new paradigm for humanity.
In 1773, Don Ramon de Ordoñez y Aguilar discovered the ruins of an ancient city, Palenque, in the remote jungles of Central America. Excavations revealed pyramids, temples and palaces. Since then, explorers, scholars and writers have worked to learn more about the mysterious inhabitants who abandoned their city in 830 AD.

Like other cultures of Mesoamerica, the Maya used a 260-day calendar, referred to as the Tzolk'in. The length of this calendar coincides with the average duration of human gestation. Its purpose is to provide guidance in life through a consideration of the combined aspects of the 20 named days and 13 numbers, and to indicate the days on which sacrifice at certain 'number shrines' might lead to desired results. The days were commonly deified and invoked as 'Lordships'. The general Yucatec word for 'priest' (ah k'in) referred to the counting of the days. Within the social group of the priests at court, it was customary to pass the 'burden' of the time-units on from one divine 'number bearer' to the next.

What is often called Maya 'astronomy' could also be called astrology, since it was a priestly science resting on the assumption of a correspondence between earthly events and the movements of heavenly bodies and constellations.

In Classic Maya texts, certain glyphs are read as references to the soul and 'co-essences', such as animals or other natural phenomena (comets, lightning, etc.) linked and protected the individual.

The Maya believed their modern age, marked by the 26,000-year (360 days/yr) cycle of our solar system around the Pleiades star cluster, had begun on 12 August, 3114, BC and was to end on 21st of December, 2012 followed by regeneration of earth and a time of galactic harmony.

At SpaceStationPlaza we expect good things in 2013.

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